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The Sounds of Science


  • "The sounds at the beginning is from the small toy in a can that would make a "mmmoooooooooo" sound each time it was turned upside down.
  • "Jet flying overhead from The Beatles "Back in the U.S.S.R." off the White Album
  • "The occasional beeps and bass lines during the first half of the song is from Issac Hayes’ "Walk from Regio’s", on the "Shaft" soundtrack
  • "Right up in your face and dis’ you" - "My Philosophy" by BDP
  • "I do not sniff the coke, I only smoke the sensamilla" - Pato Banton’s song "Don’t Sniff Coke"
  • The oboe track you hear at the beginning is a sample of the Beatles "When I’m 64" from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • "The violin and other orchestral tuning you hear in the middle (I believe when AdRock says "Rope-a dope...") is a sample of the intro to the Beatles "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band" from SPLHCB
  • "The crowd noise in the break is from the beginning of SPLHCB
  • The Beatles, "The End" is scratched trhoughout the song
  • "The guitar track at the end is a sample from the Beatles "The End" from Abbey Road.
  • The drum track underneath the guitar sample is a sample of the Beatles "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)" from SPLHCB
  • "James Brown’s, "Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved", when MCA says "that’s right my name’s Yauch"


  • Jesus - "Pegs through my hands and one through my feet"
  • Shea Stadium - Home of NY Mets
  • Palladium - popular nightclub in New York
  • Ponce de Leon, Fountain of Youth - he explored Florida looking for FOY
  • Robotron - 1980’s video game
  • Ben Franklin, Sir Isaac Newton - scientists
  • Radium - element
  • "Jimmy protector" - another term for a condom
  • Adidas & Fila - sneaker companies
  • Cheech Wizard - Character created by cartoonist Vaughn Bode
  • Range Rovers - sport utility vehicle
  • "Ben Franklin with the kite gettin’ over with the key" - a reference to his famous experiment which established the first link between lightning and electricity
  • "Rope-A-Dope" - Muhammed Ali’s infamous boxing strategy, which consisted of giving your opponent the opposite of what you lead him to believe he is about to receive
  • "dropping science like Galileo dropped the orange" - Italian astronomer born in Pisa in the 16th century, who dropped an objects from heights to prove that all objects fall at the same rate regarless of weight, disproving the prevailing theory that heavier objects fall faster.
  • "Order the Quarter Deluxe" - a limited-time-only sandwich at McDonald’s
  • "My mind is kinda flowing like an oil projector" - an oil projector is a lighting effect, producing fluid colored blobs, used mainly in the ’60s for psychedelic rock shows and movies


Now here we go dropping science dropping it all over
Like bumping around the town like when you’re driving a Range Rover
Expanding the horizons and expanding the parameters
Expanding the rhymes of sucker M.C. amateurs
Naugels, Isaac Newton Scientific E.Z.
Ben Franklin with the kite getting over with the key
Rock shocking the mic as many times times the times tables
Rock well to tell dispel all of the old fables
I’ve been dropping the new science and kicking the new knowledge
An M.C. to a degree that you can’t get in college
The dregs of the earth and the eggs that I eat
I’ve got pegs through my hands and one through my feet
Shea Stadium the radium E M D squared
Got kicked out of the Palladium you think that I cared
It’s the sound of science
Public service announcement time and money for girls covered with honey
You lie and aspire to be as cunning
Reeling and rockin’ and rollin’ B size D cup
Order the quarter deluxe why don’t you wake up
My mind is kinda flowin like an oil projector
Had to get up to get the Jimmy protector
Went berserk and worked and exploded
She woke up in the morning and her face was coated
Buddy you study the man on the mic
D. do what you like
Drunk a skunk am I from the celebration
To peep that freak unique penetration
I figured out who makes the crack
It’s the suckers with the badges and the blue jackets
A professor of science cause I keep droppin’ it
I smell weed ’cause ya’ll keep packin’ it
People always asking what’s the phenomenon
Yo what’s up know what’s going on
No one really knows what I’m talking about
Yeah that’s right my name’s Yauch
Ponce De Leon constantly on
The fountain of youth not Robotron
Peace is a word I’ve heard before
So move and move and move upon the dance floor
Cause I’m gonna die gonna die one day
Cause I’m goin and goin and goin this way
Not like a roach or a piece of toast
I’m going out first class not going out coach
Rock my Adidas never rock Fila
*I do not sniff the coke I only smoke sinsemilla*
With my nose I knows and with my scopes I scope
What I live I write and that is strictly rope
I’ve got science for any occasion
Postulating theorems formulating equations
Cheech wizard in a snow blizzard
Eating chicken gizzards with a girl named Lizzy
Dropping science like when Galileo dropped his orange