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B-Boy Bouillabaisse: A.W.O.L.


This track is a portion of B-Boy Bouillabaisse on Paul’s Boutique.


  • "Good Times" by Chic
  • During the climax Trouble Funky’s "Good To Go" is heard on the left channel


  • Jazzy Jay - old skool New York DJ
  • Bad Brains - influential punk band made up of Rastafarians, formed in 1978
  • Mike G. - member of the innovative rap group the Jungle Brothers
  • Hollis Crew - the posse of Run-DMC, based out of Hollis, Queens
  • "Whoudini - new school rap group that had a series of successful singles in the mid eighties
  • Original Concept - group, their DJ was Dr. Dre, the "Yo! MTV Raps" host and former Beastie Boys D.J.
  • "Take the A Train" - shouted out right after the Chic sample, is a Duke Ellington song