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B-Boy Bouillabaisse: Dropping Names


This track is a portion of B-Boy Bouillabaisse on Paul’s Boutique.


  • Sweet - "Into the Night", from "Desolation Blvd."
  • The piano and drums before "He thrusts his fist..." is the Meters’ "Hey A-Pocky Way" on the album "Rejuvenation"
  • The music right after the "He thrusts his fist..." to the end is from the Crusader’s "The Well’s Gone Dry" off the Southern Comfort album
  • The quote at the end "you explain to a musician...." is taken from an interview with Bob Marley


  • "It is widely rumored that at the beginning of "Dropping Names" AdRock or Mike D says "take PCP". (Have a listen through headphones or at a loud volume and see what you think.)
  • "He thrusts his fist against the post and still insists he sees a ghost" - popular tongue twister, also used to try to correct suttering problems, as used in Steven King’s "It."
  • Shamus - a 1970’s private eye movie staring Burt Reynolds


He thrusts his fists against the post and still insists he sees a ghost
She’s slippin through his fingers as she’s movin’ out to the coast
If your world was all black and if your world was all white
Then you wouldn’t get much color out of life now right
Nicknamed Shamrock my name is not Shamus
Girlies on the tip because my homie is famous
My name is not * nor is it Brian
If I said that I was weak you know I’d be lyin’
Suckers try to bite they try to pursue it
*If you explain to a musician he’ll tell that he knows it but he just can’t do it*