Paul's Boutique Samples and References List (Beastie Boys + Dust Brothers)

What Comes Around


  • Gene Harris and The Three Sounds, "Put On Train," on their self-titled album.
  • Guitar is from Alice Cooper's "It's Hot Tonight" on the LP "Lace and Whiskey"
  • Opening drum beat from Led Zeppelin's "Moby Dick"


  • "Insecure born in the junkyard with the junk" refers to the line "you insecure born junkyard motherfucker" in the movie Dolemite.
  • "One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor" is the title of a Paul Simon song from the album "There Goes Rhymin' Simon"
  • "Why you wanna beat that brat with a bat" - from the song "Beat on the Brat" by the Ramones. (exact lyric is "beat on the brat with a baseball bat")
  • Dolomite -70's Blaxploitatoin movie
  • Doris the Finkasaurus - Character on the Flinstones cartoon, by Hanna-Barbera
  • Phillip Rizzuto - former shortstop and current announcer for NY Yankees, also did commercials on TV for "The Money Store"
  • Press-On Lee Nails - stick-on nail extensions made by Lee
  • Rapunzel - german fairytale
  • Why'd ya throw that chair at Geraldo Rivera, man? - Geraldo was hit in nose by chair during brawl w/skinheads on his show