Paul's Boutique Samples and References List (Beastie Boys + Dust Brothers)

Johnny Ryall


  • "Kick it!" - "Fight for your Right (to Party)" Beastie Boys
  • "Magnificent Sanctuary Band" by Donny Hathaway
  • "That's right y'all his name is" - from the song "A.J. Scratch" by Kurtis Blow on the Ego Trip album
  • "Who do you think you are?" - from "Mr. Big Stuff" by Jean Knight
  • Bass, and rhythm guitar and lead guitar samples from David Bromberg's "Sharon" on the LP, Demon in Disguise.
  • Certain chimes in "Johnny Ryall" that were taken from the song "Military Cut-Scratch Mix" by Grandwizard Theodore Kevie Kev Rockwell, which is on the "Wild Style" soundtrack
  • Many of the drum beats (most after the line "bottle after bottle he'll always drink more") are from Paul McCartney's "Momma Miss America" from his solo LP in 1970
  • The "one, two, three, four" chants can also be heard in an Ofra Haza remix of "Galbi".
  • The wind noise heard in the beginning is from Pink Floyd's "One of these Days"


  • "Ain't gonna work on Maggie's Farm no more" - from Bob Dylan's Maggie's Farm
  • "Blue Suede Shoes" - song written and originally recorded by Carl Perkins, later by Elvis Presley
  • "Louis Vuitton with the Gucci guitar..." - Louis Vuitton is a fancy luggage/baggage store
  • "On the bass was boots on the drums was checkers" - the "boots" refers to Bootsy Collins, the star-shaped-glasses wearing bass player
  • "Thunderbird is the word..." - Thunderbird is a cheap wine, also "bird is the word" is from "Surfin' Bird" by The Trashmen
  • Donald Trump
  • Ed Koch - former mayor of New York City
  • Elvis Presley - was drafted into army in 50's
  • Gucci - fashion designer
  • Helter Skelter - song by the Beatles
  • Pumas - brand of shoes
  • Wonder Bread - brand of bread