Paul's Boutique Samples and References List (Beastie Boys + Dust Brothers)

High Plains Drifter


  • "Outta the car, longhair" - "Your Momma Don't Dance" by Loggins & Messina
  • "Suzie is a Headbanger" - Ramones song of the same title
  • Baseline is from a ZZ Top song
  • Mainly from "Those Shoes" by The Eagles
  • Moaning is from "Put Your Love in My Tender Care" by the Fatback Band


  • "...check the gold tooth display" - reference to a line in the ZZ Top song 'Nationwide'
  • "Drunk called Otis" - drunk from the Andy Griffith show
  • "Fear and loathing cross the country" - book "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" by Hunter S. Thompson
  • "High Plains Drifter" was a Western starring Clint Eastwood
  • "I bet on one horse to win and another to show...that nag came in" from The Band's "Up on Cripple Creek", actual lyrics are "She bet on one horse to win and I bet on another to show, the odds were in my favor, I had 'em five to one, and when that nag to win came around the track, sure enough she had won."
  • "My man turned to me and said why are you here?" - possibly a reference to the first thing Yoda said to Luke Skywalker in the Empire Strikes Back
  • "Takin' care of business at 7-11" - possibly a reference to Takin' Care Of Business by Bachman-Turner Overdrive
  • 7-11, convenience store
  • Ballantine quarts - ale
  • Black and Tan - a popular mixture of beers, usually a stout like Guiness and an ale such as Bass
  • Dirty Harry - popular film and character made famous by Clint Eastwood
  • Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry - a 1974 film
  • Harry Houdini - Magician in early part of 20th century
  • K-mart, department store
  • KOOL- brand of cigarettes
  • Longhair - slang term for hippies, who often had long hair
  • Motel 6 - motel chain
  • OTB - Off Track Betting
  • Steve McQueen - actor
  • The term "screw" as in "kicked the screw in the knee" is an old slang term for a prison guard
  • Travis Bickel - From Taxi Driver