Paul's Boutique Samples and References List (Beastie Boys + Dust Brothers)

Hey Ladies


  • "All the ladies in the house...the ladies, the ladies" - "Jazzy Sensation" by Afrika Bambataa
  • "Baby, Baby, Baby" is from Zapp's "Heartbreaker"
  • "Fresh," Fab-5 Freddy
  • "Funky!", "Damn!" and "Is it funky, brotha?" from "Funky President" by James Brown
  • "Good God!" - "War" by Edwin Starr
  • "Hey Ladies" sample is from Kurtis Blow's "Party Time" on the Party Time album
  • "One for the Treble (Fresh)" by Davy DMX. Following the line: 'And when I say stupid I mean cupid" you hear "Fresh" from the song cut in (and then the line: "I'm not James at 15...")
  • "Pumpin' It Up" by the P-Funk All Stars
  • "She's thinks she's the passionate one" - "Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet on the album Desolation Boulevard
  • Cameo's, "Shake Your Pants" before "all the ladies in the house"
  • Guitar and synth under "All the ladies in the house...the ladies, the ladies" is from "Shake your Pants", by Cameo on the Cameosis album
  • In the video version: "Baby, Baby, Baby" is Deep Purple's "Hush"
  • Kool and the Gang's, "Jungle Boogie"
  • Mostly "Machine Gun" by The Commodores
  • Roger's, "So Rough, So Tuff"
  • World Famous Supreme Team, "Hey DJ" at the very first "get funky" before the cowbell.


  • "Take my advice at any price a gorilla like..." - from Magilla Gorilla theme song (actual lyrics "a gorilla like Magilla is mighty nice")
  • "Tune In, Turn On" - (Drop Out) - popular phrase in 60's by Dr. Timothy Leary
  • Chachi in Charge - a reference to Scott Baio's character in Happy Days, and his show "Charles in Charge"
  • Chuck Woolery - host of TV's Love Connection
  • James at 15 - Lance Kerwin TV show from late 70s
  • Saduhara Oh - great Japanese baseball player
  • Tom Cushman is a nationally syndicated sportswriter
  • Tom Foolery - acting in a foolish manner
  • Tom Thumb
  • Vincent Van Gogh - Famous painter, who mailed his severed ear to his girlfriend to show how much he loved her
  • Welcome Back Kotter