Paul's Boutique Samples and References List (Beastie Boys + Dust Brothers)

Dropping Names


  • Sweet - "Into the Night", from "Desolation Blvd."
  • The music right after the "He thrusts his fist..." to the end is from the Crusader's "The Well's Gone Dry" off the Southern Comfort album
  • The piano and drums before "He thrusts his fist..." is the Meters' "Hey A-Pocky Way" on the album "Rejuvenation"
  • The quote at the end "you explain to a musician...." is taken from an interview with Bob Marley


  • "He thrusts his fist against the post and still insists he sees a ghost" - popular tongue twister, also used to try to correct suttering problems, as used in Steven King's "It."
  • It is widely rumored that at the beginning of "Dropping Names" AdRock or Mike D says "take PCP". (Have a listen through headphones or at a loud volume and see what you think.)
  • Shamus - a 1970's private eye movie staring Burt Reynolds


  • This track is a portion of B-Boy Bouillabaisse on Paul's Boutique.